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Q: Do I need to schedule an appointment to tour the school?

A: No, we will tour you at your convenience. Monday through Friday.

Q: Do you serve peanut products? 

A: No. Our facility is Peanut-Free due to the extent of risk and health issues related to peanuts allergy.

Q: Do you use microwaves to warm up formula?

A: No. A bottle warmer is used every single time a bottle is warmed.

Q: What if I breastfeed my child?

A: Our daycare supports breasfeeding. Please feel free to come on your lunch brake to feed your child or bring us your breastmilk and we will feed the baby. 

Q: Do you separate infants by age group?

A: Yes. We have a second Baby room due to the high demand for infant care. We will have a 0-10 months room, and a 11-17 months room. Both rooms are a "No shoe Zone". Also, all the other ages are separated as well.

Q: Will your facility teach a curriculum?

A: Yes. we are a teaching facility. Classes will start every year on the first week of September. We start teaching at 6 mths of age. Children will learn to read among other things. (Please note that all children learn at a different level and pace, so results are not the same with every child) Our main curriculum is A-Beka starting at 18 months, and we will be using "Your Baby Can Read" starting at 6 months. At age four, children should be able to read short stories by themselves. We would also use games to stimulate their rapid growing brains with different activities and promote learning while keeping the children interested and active.

Q: Are you open year round?

A: Yes, during the school year (September-May) we teach, during the Summer time we have different Summer Camps for all ages. We close only the 6 major Holidays, plus Christmas Eve, Black Friday, and Good Friday.